Final Reflections


The process of creating a website is difficult.  I knew it would be when I first started this course, but I had no idea how hard.  I for one am not great with technology.  I do not enjoy social media as much as my peers.  I would much rather read some fiction then get online and browse Facebook or post my personal thoughts or information online.  That being said, the tools we have used have been fairly simple to use.  I think the struggles mainly came from combining history and technology.  Having to use these new tools to display history is where it gets tough.  I created the timeline for our project and it was a labor of love.  Trying to give enough information without making it bland can be tough.  Then you have to actually know how to publish it to the web and fix the formatting, and other little problems.   Such as having that classroom background a few slides in.  Took me a while to understand that issue.

Another problem that arose was sticking to the contract.  It can be difficult to develop a contract when it feels like you just started on your website.  Our contract was good but it was more of a living thing then we originally were able to foresee.  The division of work remained the same but the direction we went with the website had to be rethought a little.  It was difficult to focus on a timeframe of twenty years when wanting to show the entire history.  We tried to put more of an emphasis on those years, but it was hard.  I gave it a shot on the timeline, but you can’t exactly tell that the 60s and the 70s was the focus.  One of my other problems was underestimating how long it would take to scan the images and build a workable timeline.  I loved working on the timeline, and honestly the pictures were kind of fun too but it was all time consuming.  This led me to spend less time on the reference page and on my final page on dance in the festival.  That one was also a problem because I could not think of a good way to display the information I wanted.

I am definitely glad I had this class before taking more classes in the history department though.  The department is definitely moving towards using more technology like timeline js and thing map.  I have actually been able to use these tools, get feedback and gain a new appreciation of digitizing history. I am not perfect at these things, but I am learning.  Before building this website I did not understand technology nearly as much.  Now I can actually say I know how to build a website! I can use this information to help me graduate and in real world situations.  I plan on being a librarian, so this is the kind of stuff that can really help me in that career.  Plus I feel like I have a leg up on other Historians in school.  I have had a class on digitizing history.  It has already come in handy in other classes.  My Historians craft class was made much simpler by understanding timeline js.  This class is a way of bringing history into the future.

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