Digital Citizenship and what not


The readings we talked about on our last day of class mainly focused on digital citizenship and things such as age of consent to be online.  These readings made me primarily think about my internet footsteps.  One thing that immediately pops into my head are the ads on Facebook that pop up.  They have a lot of information to use just by your online info.  It can be a little frightening.  Just the other day one popped up trying to sell me a shirt that was a combo of being a Harry Potter fan and being born in October?! That’s creepy to me.  It makes you wonder, how much of our digital presence is being monitored? I’m afraid the answer is all of it.  These readings have made me consider rethinking what all I do online.  I think now and in the future we must be more cautious of what we put out there.  The data about us online can affect future jobs or any number of things in a negative way.

The next reading that really made me think is “What if Social-Media becomes 16-plus?”  This article explores restrictions on the internet involving age.  This one really made me think.  We want children to be protected and safe, but also informed.  Children also have a right to privacy as well.  At one point the author talks about how some young adults may desire privacy to look into things such as abuse or sexual health.  I would love for them to have access to this information, but it’s very complicated to just pick and choose.  At first I kind of decided that it should be up to the parents.  If you desire to monitor your kid’s activity online that’s up to you.  But that won’t protect all of them.  I wish there was a better way to check age on websites besides just clicking on over 18, but I cannot think of one.  Plus that doesn’t take into account all the items online that don’t ask this question but should.  Even Facebook can be inappropriate at times.  Then you have to consider that most young teens are most likely better with technology and could just hide what they are really doing from their less adept parents.  You could frequently check your child’s digital history and still know nothing.  When I first started this article I had firm ideas about ages and the internet.  By the time I was done I was completely at a loss for a solution to this issue.

All of these articles actually made me think deeper.  They also made me realize that I have not been thinking critically about issues such as this.  Like my online presence.  I always thought I was careful on social media.  These readings have made me realize that I might want to be more responsible in my activities online.  Especially if it could come back to haunt me.

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