Meeting with the games programing groups


So this meeting was difficult.  I personally found it hard to communicate because we have the history background, and they have the computer knowledge.  We basically decided on a game prototype for both groups.  We need to give them our research so that they can do their games.  I am excited to see what they will do, but nervous as well.  I am worried that one of our groups will have a hard time taking on what they intend to and being respectful of the history.  The team in question had proposed at first to do a dance tutorial. But when we saw them friday they were on a completely different path then that and when I mentioned it they seemed to think it was my idea, but it was theirs.  So I do feel like we have a challenge ahead.  They now want to create a body to walk through an exhibit like situation. I do not mind this idea but they wanted to make the body take on characters that would be on our roll call list.  I do not think this is a good idea.  It will end up offensive considering that their body walking through does not look that much like a human.  I have tried voicing these concerns, so hopefully they have taken them to heart and the end result will be a nice mesh of our ideas and project.

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