Digital identities


Well this week we had a reading about a 13-year-old girls life, and another about the six key digital identities.  The reading about the preteen was a bit disturbing honestly.  It made me sad to think that that’s what kids that age are doing now.  At that age I had MySpace, but it wasnt a huge deal.  You fiddled with it when you were bored and alone.  It wasint something you worried about constantly.  It was something to pass the time and that was about it.  I played with my friends.  We actually interacted in person and didnt rely on the web for the majority of our social interactions.  I enjoy technology to a certain extent, but it’s getting ridiculous. Many people would be very upset if they couldnt check their digital world daily, and that is sad.

The other reading was a look into the six digital identities that Bonnie Stewart has noted.  I fully believe each person can have more than one of these, and Bonnie says herself that they can.  I’m not exactly sure which I would fall into. This word press site of mine is the most interaction I have online.  I have a Facebook but I probably spend ten minutes or less on it a day.  Some days I don’t even look at it.  But I keep it so that I can keep in touch with people.  I also keep it because it can be funny.  It is a form of entertainment, but right now I dont have a lot of spare time that needs filled with that kind of entertainment.  I usually have a book on me or one downloaded on my kindle app for my phone.  To me facebook and other online things such as twitter and snapchat can be a waste of  time.  I like that I have twitter for history purposes, but I think I will leave it at that.  Too much time spent on the internet can’t be that good for you. We need to live in the real world as well.  Its like tv, its fun, entertaining and can be informative, but it’s not good  for you all the time.

My post probably didnt go into the six digital identities very much.  I got on my soapbox for a minute, but im gonna leave it at that.

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