For the past couple of weeks we have been working on our contracts for our projects.  We meet up as a group with Dr. Pearson on Friday last week.  I’m glad we did!  Our group was fairly vague in our original contract, but Dr. Pearson gave us some valuable feedback and helped us to realize that we needed to make our contracts more concrete.  We needed to divide the labor and narrow down our projects focus.  So that’s what we have been doing.  I think we have a better picture of what we want our site to include.  The contract has actually helped us to develop our ideas for our project, and to set some guide lines.  I don’t know about every body elses team, but our team has realized we need to have our research finished by Spring Break.  I hope our finished contract gets a good approval from Dr. Pearson, fingers crossed.  This version is much more sound me thinks.

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