Wikipedia History Entries

This week I am a little confused as to how to blog.  I went to a couple of Wikipedia History pages and I think I found the history and discussion tabs.  That being said, it was still hard to understand the assignment.  Some of the history pages had a few interesting posts on the talk tab.  For example, I looked up the sinking of the Titanic.  One of the posts in the talk tab is about a fire on the Titanic.  Their is a theory that a fire on the Titanic contributed to the sinking.  I had never heard of this before so it was actually quite fascinating.  The history tab is something else.  I guess it is some sort of record of all the edits and work put into the page.  I am not great with technology, so this part of the assignment was less than thrilling for me.  It was kind of neat seeing how often people have worked on it.  Just in January of this year their was around 35 entries of when work was done on this website.  I think it shows all the times people posted on the talk tab as well, but im not sure.  Needless to say this assignment was actually pretty interesting if you went to the right history sites.

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