Happenings with the project

Today was the last day of meeting with our computer programming groups until after Spring break.  So far we are all getting along and doing a good job of bouncing ideas off of each other.  We are considering doing a dancing tutorial game.  So far we have yet to divide up work or nail down our specific topic, but we are getting there.  We have discussed focusing on Bascom Lamar and today Catherine mentioned focusing on women involved in the festival.  This idea is very fascinating to me and I would like to look into it and see if it’s a viable idea.  We have settled on meeting as a group on Tuesdays at 8:15 am.  We will also take individual time to research.  I will probably do most of my research on Mondays and Thursdays.  We are still discussing going to Mars Hill, but we are not positive if we need to.  I believe our computer groups do want to take a field trip, so this is something we need to think on more.

Wednesdays class was very exciting.  I really enjoyed looking into all the digital tools at our disposal.  Some of them I am eager to use, and others not so much.  For example I don’t think we will use Story Map JS.  It doesnt seem relevant to our particular project.  I also dont see us using Time Mapper.  But I love the idea of using Timeline JS, Juxtapose JS and Thing Link.  We could use Timeline JS to make a timeline of Bascom Lamar and add a google map of his birth place or where he went ballad catching.  I am also stoked to attatch videos or use sound cloud.  Plus you can use Juxtapose JS on Timeline so thats awesome.  I would also love to use Thing Link, that was the most interesting tool to me.  Especially if we can use Thing Link on Timeline JS. That would be my ideal use of Thing Link.  I am looking forward to using all of the above on our website.

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  1. Ellen Holmes Pearson says:

    Nice post. Good detail, and I’m glad you enjoyed the digital tools workshop.


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