My first blog post! Yay!

So today I am reviewing digital history websites.  The first website I chose to look into is a site by Omeka.  It is  This site is devoted to comic books primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s, by DC comics and Marvel.  I believe the site is no longer cared for, but the format and information remains.  The menu is at the top of the page and there is a search bar.  Unfortunately I tried searching and it never found anything.  This could be because the site has been abandoned? The site lacked character.  For such a great and vast subject the website falls flat.  It has barely any interactive components and to see a comic book cover up close it takes three links.  The website does have a lot of info and it is divided in a practical way.  This website is informative, but not eye catching or interactive.  But the menu selections work pretty well, so that’s something I would want to look into for our website.

The next site I looked at was The Valley of the Shadow, a site that compares two different counties during the Civil War. First off you have to click on a link to enter the site.  It’s kind of the equivalent of having a mud room in your house.  Not always necessary.  Websites that have this should be really exciting, like walking in to a VIP room.  But the site itself was very lackluster.  Plus I didn’t understand the site well.  It was set up in a needlessly complicated way in my opinion.  But the information it contained was valuable and the images were great.  It was rather hard to get the information however.  You basically have to search for what you want to see.  If you just want to look at pictures that can be very annoying.  I want our site to be easier to navigate.

Another site I looked at was the Gilded Age Murder.  The main page was actually pretty good.  I’m not a huge fan of the color scheme and the menu could use a bit more options, but overall I thought it was pretty good.  Especially the interactives.  The map in particular was fantastic! A ton of work had to go into that bit.  I would love something similar for our website but I’m not sure how we could work that in, but it’s something to look into.

The final site I looked at was a Century America site, the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.  I actually really liked this site at first look.  The picture on the homepage is great and the menu is pretty easy to navigate.  I would like to see the site have some more interactives though.  This site could be great if it had more work put into it, but the setup is pretty good.

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